The Rooms
The villa Caracoli has also a unique charm thanks to its three rooms overlooking the pool and the sea ...

The 3 main bedrooms has been tailored by a well known interior designer from Guadeloupe, to create a top of the line standing room.

Furniture and wardrobes has been tailored with precious wood platine, high quality tissues are in hamony with the colours of each room. The choice of all these furnitures will bring you in a theatrical atmosphere.

You will get in your room by a sliding door enhanced with a lacquered white wood frame, giving you the impression to get inside a painting.

We have selected the lights of the french designer Céline Wright ( Her choice of  lights called « clouds » and « sleets » have been designed to be intagrated with the coral reef walls patterns, giving an areal impression and enhancing the wooden frame above.

Highly nice original paintings from Congo delighted with gold made leaves frame reminding the African expeditions of the actual owner, contribute to give those rooms a lovely and intimate atmosphere.

A fourth twin bedroom with air conditioning is available at the upper floor and let you enjoy through portholes of a wonderful view on « Club Med » Caravelle beach on one side and on the Soufrière Peak in the Basse-Terre mountains on the other side ...