Zen attitude day
A mind-body-spirit wellness day.

Departure for North Basse Terre, for visiting the Deshaies Botanical Garden, situated on a former proprety of the missed french humour artist Coluche.

This garden displays an impressive range of flowers and tropical plants coming from the four corners of the world. You will see among more than 1000 exotic species, hibiscus, bougainvillea or porcelain roses.

We  inventory a large variety of trees such as kapok tree, baobab, mapou, "saucissons tree", and of course the majestic palm tree  ”Tallipot” unique in Guadeloupe Islands. This park also counts 11 partially wild animal species, that you will certainly observe.


We have selected a magical spot  at Deshaies Grand Anse for the lunch time. Imagine a place like paradise ... still kept secret ...

Then you will spend the whole afternoon  in  the Tendacayou SPA, nestled in the heart of the tropical forest, facing the sea with pools of river water and waterfalls.

We propose you essential oils massage,  different  hand made cares using only natural cosmetics.

At sunset you will be in a Japanese bath, drinking a glass of Champagne, facing the Caribbean sea ...


Fares list :

Day price for your local tour guide (René) : 150 €
This is a package price regardless the number of visitors. René will drive the vehicule as regard the program. This price doesn't include the lunch.

Renting fares  (gas included) :
4 seats car -  A category - : 50 € /day
8 seats car - Superior category - : 120 € / day
5 seats car  - 4x4 wheels - : 120 € / day