Guadeloupe from the sky
Fly over the archipelago of Guadeloupe islands.

Early departure and take off to "Les Saintes" archipelago. On the way flight over south of Basse Terre.

On the arrival, view over "Pain de sucre", "Napoleon Fort", "Cabrit small island".

Landing, village sightseeing, narrow streets bodered  by charmfull small wooden huts. Morning snack.

Take off to "Marie Galante" island.

Very beautiful beaches, coconut trees along white sand. Sightseeing to an old rum distillery. Rum tasting.

Sea bathing in paradise turquoise sea waters.

Lunch at de "La Feuillière" beach. Choice of lobsters, seafood, grilled fishes.

Departure for "La Desirade" island, on the way, flight over "Petite Terre". Tour on the island and flight back on sunset over "La pointe des châteaux".


Day price for your local tour guide (René) : 150 €. This is a package price regardless the number of visitors. René is in charge of the organisation  all day long for  your islands tour.

Renting fares for plane :
2 guests Cessna : 1000 € / day
6 guests Cessna : 1500 € / day 

This fare includes  pilote flight  services,  gas, Les Saintes breakfast, lunch (drinks included) as well as ground transportation for sightseeing at Marie Galante.

Others package tours are available in advance on demand, eg : shopping day at St. Martin or St. Barthelemy.